The sneaky neighbour

It was a normal day Happy life Wilson was walking her dog when all of a sudden a black figure comes and picks her up and put tape over her mouth and a blind fold over her eyes it was only a matter of time before she realized she was being kidnapped and it was not a prank then her parents called the cops but no sign of her a day later they decided to interview her neighbor because Mrs.Grimes had been home that day and Mrs.Grimes said she had not gone anywhere that day she did not even step foot outside of her house well the police went to Walmart just to make sure she was not lying later they found out she was they looked at the security cameras and there Mrs.Grimes was buying tape and a blind fold the the police showed it to Mrs.Grimes and she just said oh it was not me then they decided to search her house after an hour of searching they saw a book case that looked suspicious so they checked it out they pushed it left and there was a door the door to the basement so they went down and what did you expect obviously they found Happy life Wilson strangled to death on Tuesday, May 3rd died at 10 years old.