The real victim.

It was a nice day out. A 1 girl by the name of Jeanive Malay Artic was found dead by two officers by the names of Hoptin Markus and Lucia Isan.

The culprit was believed to be Marty Holpin, a 16-year-old boy. He soon said “She came at me with a big knife. I ran as fast as I could but I just couldn’t escape. I soon found my dad’s dead body on the ground. I started to tear up, but I had to keep running. Then I found his gun. I had no other choice. So I hid, .and once she looked around I jumped out and shot her.”

Detectives found Macy Holpin and Alex Holpin dead. They also found a knife with Jeanive‘s fingerprints on it, and the blood of Macy Holpin and Alex Holpin on that same knife.

Jeanive Malay Artic is now sentenced to life in prison for murder for the death Macy Holpin and Alex Holpin, of attempted murder Marty Holpin, child abuse as she got pregnant by someone, them killed them using the baby as a slave, slavery as she forced her child to be a slave for her, and kidnapping as she drugged the Holpin’s, dragged their body to a warehouse, where she murdered two of them.