Teen arrested on suspicion of murder

A teenager, from south east london, was arrested on suspicion of murder of Kamali Davidson on the 21st of February.

The murder took place in mid-2019 with other suspects at the scene already being convicted and sentenced for the murder in early 2020.

However, since the murder, more enquiries were made and new evidence which linked several other suspects who had participated in the killing, has been discovered.

One of the suspects was a teenager, Yusuf Mohamed, 18, who was arrested in February this year at a home address in East London.

Mohamed was brought into custody and charged with several offences, including murder, but later released on bail to await a trial date set for the case.

The teen had incriminating evidence against himself which may likely be used to convict him for the killing as he boasted about references to the murder in his drill music that he produces. Many lyrics have clear references to the day and name of both the murder and the victim.