Stefan never died in vampire diaries!!!

After stefan died all tvd fans went mad as they loved the salvatore brothers “together”, so julie plec explained the plot to actor paul wesley and other members on set as that is what she imagined stefan’s future to be like in season 9… but after nina (actress nina dobrev playing elena gilbert) told julie she was looking forward for only 6 seasons …the cast has different plans so as we saw in season 6 bonnie was interfied on the “kreptive” for magic and so she proved that the grimoire that grams gave to her showed on the even page torn by lillian salvatore that the hell fire was proved to be a strong magic that emily could only alone perform … so season 9 is pending but as julie plec said “I really wish that we could’ve filmed a season nine but due to the death of liam davidson….the most kind hearted human and the person with the prettiest soul… we can’t as the show cant be made without him just like ian”

-Stellie Costhrowond