Social Media Trend “Dave is Back” Has Been Sign For Help That We’ve All Been Avoiding

“Dave is Back” is a social media trend created by influencers on the platform TikTok. The trend originates back to the year 2021. People haven’t been taking it seriously, but it was a cry for help. The influencer April Bridges, mostly known as ‘ShesHer’ on TikTok has posted her cry for help on the platform TikTok. She stated the following: “It was honestly so scary being locked in —- in his basement.” And she also added: “A girl on TikTok made an account named ‘daveisbackimsoscared’, and I know she didn’t know what happened but —- but it was honestly traumatizing wh —- what happened.” She said she was kidnapped for around six – seven months before she was saved, she said she didn’t want to go into detail of what happened. Dave is getting sent to life in prison without chance of parole.