Sherdley Park Ride Falls Down At 8PM

At 8:32PM last night Sherdley Park ride “The Avalanche” had fallen off of its hinges. 9 people where on this ride, 3 of the young students, year 8, at Sutton High-school where killed and the other 6 passengers survived but are in hospital with critical injuries such as broken bones and brain damage. 1 of the passengers Sarah Jones had hit her head and is now in a coma at Wiston Hospital. Parents, friends and families are now trying to sue Sherdley Park for its unstable and unsafe rides. Any children and adults who survived the ride earlier where very lucky and must be grateful for this inconvenience. 1 mother of a 7 year old girl and a 12 year old boy who both got injured on the ride stated: “I knew this ride was risky but I thought it was just me being an over protective mother so I let them go on it for £6, I sincerely regret my decisions and I want to fine Sherdley park £600,000 for killing and injuring many innocent children!” The ride had fallen off its hinges when it reached the top, the ride stopped and didn’t come back down, many people said they heard the ride click, then creak, and then all they saw, was the seats that the children where sitting on came tumbling down. May the 3 young girls that where killed in this terrible accident rest in peace.