Roblox Corporation Reports “Major hacking Problems” Official sources say user “AviaPxgg” Is the source of the problems.

Today On May 12th GMT-8, Roblox Corporation Has reported users Using hacks that can bring down the Website worse than ever before.

Roblox Stats: These users are to be avoided; AviaPxgg, Gabe_B2009, JhonWesley001, ImDoneWith_Accounts, and many more.

About the user, “AviaPxgg” Roblox believes that this is the main hacker that is trying to take down the Website.

The other users have been hacked accounts. Taken the past few months. Roblox believes it’s a team of hackers and is trying to figure out the source of where they are. If you have any info Please call these numbers (650) 522-7676, (650) 522-7700, 888-858-2569