R Kelly released, just to strike again!

Yesterday evening, the infamous rapper and singer was reported to be released on parole, and on temporary house arrest.

His sentence was supposed to last another couple of years but rapper and singer Drake, bailed him out. However only 2 days later it was reported that he struck again.

It was suspected that Drake had planned the incident, taking R Kelly to a young girls house. The name of this victim was Andrea Simons.
During an interview she reported to have talked to Drake only months prior. He stated to, “Want to come over, and bring a friend.”

Andrea, thinking it was awesome to be with Drake was awesome, was shocked when the man that horrified her mother came through the door. R Kelly and Drake continued to pee, pee, pee, and pee again. All over the house, themselves, Andrea, and then lit the house on fire and got arrested hours later.