Quandale Dingle Pronounced Dead at May 16th 11:25 PM EST.

Quandale Dingle was found dead on in a bush of the intersection of East 69th Avenue-West 420th Street with multiple gunshot wounds (approx. 18), we have found he had been shot about 9 times in the torso, 4 in the legs, and about 5 times in the head (including neck)

Quandale Dingle, who was only 23 years old, had lived an almost fulfilling life, playing and coaching what he loved the most: football. Quandale Dingle had started playing football at the measly age of 8, and moved up ranks and leagues until his junior season at Pennsauken High School; he was offered the Varsity spot at the right-back position. As a Dingle family member, I could not begin to explain how excited we were as this was his first real opportunity to showcase his skills on and off the field. In his senior season, he had averaged astronomical numbers and was offered to 3 universities: UC Berkeley, Duke University, and the University of Miami. Sadly, in only his 6th senior game, he had taken a hard hit to the leg and later that week it had been revealed he had torn his ACL, and broken his fibula. Quandale Dingles Dreams were over.

After graduation Quandale Dingle still did not want to give up his football dreams so he resorted to coaching little league football in Pennsauken, New Jersey, to which he absolutely loved. He had kept coaching until his devastating death during his visit to Compton, California.

Quandale Dingles death has been linked to the Long Beach Crips. A phone confiscated in a ‘Blue Rags’ operation in Long Beach has resulted in clear evidence showing the boasting of the killing of Quandale Dingle. Quandale Dingle is survived by his only child Quandale Dingle II.

Following the Long Beach ‘Blue Rags’ Operation, 3 Long Beach Crips have been arrested, their named listed here, Quindarious Montavion, a well known member with a criminal record, and 2 unknown.
Quandale Dingle’s body has been returned to Pennsauken, New Jersey and the funeral is planned tomorrow, May 16th, 2022, at around 9 AM, Eastern Standard.