Part2 of healthy tips for ya but putting the last stuff

“Being healthy is helpful for your body and organs.”
Healthy food you should eat:
Salad with any type of vegetables
Bran bread toast. Can be used with honey, butter, or quince, Any healthy thing you can add to it.
Soybean milanese, Is healthy and can not overeat it
Integral rice. It is 5x healthier than the white rice
Vegetable rice. It has the color yellow and very healthy.
Potatoes with grated carrot, One of the healthiest foods I’ve mentioned.
Healthy desserts you should eat:
Fruit salad. Can have plenty of fruits
A apple everyday will keep you very healthy
Strawberries with homemade cream with no sugar. I don’t think its very healthy but it is healthy.
Cereal with milk would help?
Cereal and honey cookies are not that healthy but recommended
Food you should avoid: (I mean you can eat but not like everyday)
French fries, If eating it everyday can cause vision loss.
More than 10 nuggets. You can gain weight.
Salt excess. Can cause a heart attack and even death. Add a little salt to your foods.
Chocolate excess. Can cause gastrointestinal issues, If having like diarrhea, Chocolate excess can make it even worse, Only 1 chocolate bar.
Mostly avoid junk food like French fries, hamburger, nuggets, dumplings,pizza
Don’t eat them every day, I suggest eating them barely.
Healthy drinks.
Any fruit juices that have vitamin A,B or C, You know that Vitamin C is helpful for the cold too!
Be hydrated, Have 8 glasses of water throughout the day. And pee at least 3 times per day. That is healthy.
Healthy tips:
Be hydrated, like I mentioned before, 8 glasses of water throughout the day
Try the most common exercises, like push-ups, jumping jocks or jacks whatever u call it, Abdominal crunch, Squats
I recommend going out everyday for a quick run or short walk.
Take the sun everyday outside or your backyard for at least 5-15 minutes. Don’t go outside if its way too hot, you can take the sun around 5:30 pm or 9 am but don’t go to take the sun in a way too hot day like to 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Take short nap/naps when you are tired, you can sleep all you want if rlly tired
Thanks and take this seriously that this ain’t a prank and can actually help u if following it.
oh i forgot to mention, visit the doctor lot of times by year to check how u doing
Exercises you should do. (All of those per day it’s like a routine)
20 push-ups per day.
40 jumping jacks per day
5 crunches per day
10 squats
3 minutes wall sit
15 toe touches
12 V-ups
20 jumping jacks again but less
40 burpees