Mrs. C. Dies cause of students in 4th grade! 😒❀ RIP FSC

Mrs. C the sub πŸ’…πŸ’…teacher in Mrs. Catuogno’s class, in fourth grade, was sadly killed. This was done by a kid in the class. The kids name was Liam. He was upset that he was not Mrs. C favorite kid. 😑 he followed her home and saw her home. The next day he told his mommy that he was a cool stuffed animal squirrel named Franwance, and Sonic action figure toys, in a garage sale. His mommy brought him there and he murdered her! 😒 RIP Mrs. C! ❀ She was so cool and funny 😎! It’s so sad to see she is not with us! Again. Rip fsc (funny substitute c) and all because of a smelly garlic cheese kid! 😒 Liam is now in UWU jail thankfully! Liam is πŸ˜΅πŸ‘Ώ