How the strike brings down the ratings of Canale 21: Here’s why.

TV ratings are decreasing for Channel 21. Due to strike, a decidedly negative day for public TV today. In prime time, the defeat of the International channel directed by Stefano Arquilla can be considered physiological.

But there are also other performances of Canale 21, less subject to the effects of counter-programming, which suggest that the strike to cut the morning editions of VG21 was a little more traumatic for the channel led by Stefano Arquilla.

Less equipped – with provisional solutions to be provided to viewers with outdated color TVs, and certainly hurt also by the reference to an older and less responsive target to change. Sensitive, from this point of view, day after day, the declines of many day time flag broadcasts sound. But, in particular, the difference between the results of the programs is very illustrative.

The balance was this:

‘VG21’ at 1 million and 10.82%; ‘SuperSport 21’ at 3.084 million and 18.33% with the first part and 4.533 million and 21.6% in the second part; the results of the public flagship broadcasts themselves had been much higher.

During the whole day Canale 21 was down by 721 thousand spectators compared to last year.

This in the context of a good stability in the penetration of the TV basin, which falls from Tuesday to Tuesday throughout the day.

However, yesterday’s result of Canale 21 is the lowest of the average of the last seven days both in the whole day and in prime time.