He Killed His Ex And Buried Her In Front Of His Dog: “Your mom is crazy, She must have been gone with somebody else.”

“I can not even watch my mother right now for all the time he had in the backyard of your house, Throwing cement in her body. You are a sinister and a psychopath.” The heartbreaker testimony the did Karen Gigena (26), Daughter of Nora Laura Escobar (44), Killed in North Park in San Diego, on 10 KM of South Park in San Diego.
The body of Nora was together with her dog, Under a flagstone recently made in the backyard of the house where she lived with her ex-husband, Gregorio Britez (52) I’m Liniers at 1700. They found in a second, A smoothing realized this Tuesday. The man is the principal suspicious of the femicide and was detaineed this Wednesday, around of the 4 P.M. In the state of San Diego, By the Gendarmerie. Think that they were gonna cross to Canada.
In March of the last year, Norma, she got married in April of 2019, she reported pot gender violence and achieved what was imposed on him an approach restriction.
“Nora’s phone was on and was located in her house till 22 of April at 10:12 P.M.”, Explained this Wednesday the Fiscal of the Unit of The Painful Homicides that investigate the case, Marisol Fabbro. That day, the victim disappeared.
Karen reported the disappearin of her mother in the Commissioner 24ta, Of Granadero Baigorria because the 24th of a Sunday didn’t go to work. Also she was worried that she wouldn’t present to run the Marathon North Puerto, In the unknown , At the one she subscribed, knowing she was a fan of running.