Downing Takis

According the urban dictionary, it is impossible to down a taki within 0.000000043 seconds. Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation said it himself, “No one has and will ever complete this task.” This was right about 12.7 seconds ago, as someone, Tramer Claudia, downed a taki in this time. This scared Fire Lord Azulon so much, Azulon sent an army to Indonesia as China took over the Fire Nation. The Fire Nation died but a small group of soldiers resided on a small island in the Carribean, after a failed take over of Indonesia. Avatar Roku started firebending at Avatar Aang, but Fire Lord Ozai came in and decared America independent from the Mongolian Empire. Wan Shi Ton was so angered by this, he sunk his library underground. This angered Joe Biden so much, Jo Biden took a salad and chucked it to Donald Trump, an ATAT Walker. The Fire Nation came back and used camels as their main weapon, taking and breaking bananas by snapping them. Anywaays, the new record for downing takis is 0.000000000009000009540023945829430534876348784604783247865273480563786534789038749734895874 seconds.