Discus scientifically proven by Yale to alter heart health!!

According to the physical sports study at Yale (YPSS), the track and field sport of discus is damaging to your heart health. Yale professor Dr. Oswald states, β€œDiscus is bad for your cardiovascular health mainly because it damages overall blood circulation throughout your body. When you over exercise twisting and jerking your body in order to heave any object over 0.37 kilograms, it can damage your circulation. Your heart then has to over-compensate for all of this lost circulation. This can lead to heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, a heart attack, or even death over time. My advice is to stay away from the sport discus altogether.” It seems that is you participate in the sport of discus, you might want to think about another sport. More research is to come, so stay tuned to channel46news.com for all of the latest details!