“Dave Is Back” Trend On TikTok Has Secretly Been A Cry For Help.

The “Dave is Back I’m So Scared” trend has been a cry for help all a long. Popular influencer April Bridges explains her tragic but heartwarming story of her kidnapping from Dave. April Bridges is an 18 woman born on April 3, 2004, mostly known as “She’sHer” by her fans has recently shared her story. The account has since been deleted, but anyone who knows/ knows of her would know she truly is inspiring. On February 2, 2021 she explains that she was at the convenience store looking for a large pair of condoms, when Dave appeared in uniform and asked to help her. Needless to say, one thing led to another and they were in the back seat of his car. Bridges said: “After he recked my p-ssy, I passed out from being tired, and he took me back to my place where he lock —- locked me up for 6 months — I don’t wanna go into detail with what happened, I —- I’m not comfortable with doing so.” Dave has not been found, but when he is he will be sentenced to life without chance of parole. Ladies and gentlemen, that has been Channel 46 news for you.