can you do my hair please

hi my name is Sam Johnson and this story started when I was 16, I was walking home from school when I saw a girl my age, I was about to walk past when I heard my name being called and look and see the girl smiling and so I decide to talk to her because she look alone, when I got to the girl she asked would you do my hair please?. I was confused on why she was asking me to do and also never did hair in my life but just to make her happy I decide to do her hair, once I was done the girl said thank and also my name is Emily and I said my name,then she walked away, I went home and my mum asked how was school honey? I said good and my mum said thats good honey, then when she was about to leave I asked do you know a girl named Emily and I will never forget what my said , honey Emily die 4 year a go