Autumn Combs and the Riley case (over chick-fa-la)

Hello and welcome back to my page. This is a case over Riley Long, the son of the chick-fa-la owner in Baytown. Riley woke up around 5:15am on Thursday, May 4th, 2022 and went to school as a normal day along beside is sister, Aubrey Long who is in 6th grade and Riley is in 7th grade. Riley had an amazing day a school after he had talked to Hannah Forsyth, before she was murdered by Alyssa Foster who was sentenced to death, and Autumn Combs, me. Riley was so excited to go home and see his family and have a good night at home, so he thought… When Riley got off the bus at home Riley walked in the door to see a person, that he has never seen before in his house. Riley tried to run but the person, who we are calling Bob, lunged at him and shut the door and locked it. Bob then tied Riley up and shot him. But, Riley survived and was lucking to be alive. Riley is here with us to this day. Well folks thank you for reading this and stay sake out there because “Bob” has not been caught yet. Stay safe and goodnight. πŸ™‚