Anton Lindberg Found Dead On Toilet Taking A Shit

The little boy Anton Lindberg, also known as Antwan, was found dead on the toilet. Detectives found a knife in his body that probably shot from a nerf grenade. He also had epilepsy from a young age when he was 68. Detectives also found 7,5 promille in his body. He didn’t get to graduate because he was only 17. Reporters interviewed Anton after the dramatic incident and he said this, “I want to find out who murdered me, I was just taking a big juicy splash of brown fat clumsy dump”. He said that he took a really big dump and then just died. Chocking news. Buy really god toothpaste for a really good price. He also said that that day he was walking his goldfish that died last month. This is a picture of him after the stabbing with a gun. He’s still on the run.