9 Dead, 13 Injured After Shooting At Roblox Headquarters

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SAN MATEO, CA — Police trying to find the suspect after a report of a shooting at the Roblox Headquarters on Friday afternoon. According to the San Mateo County’s Sheriff’s Office, around 4pm, the shooter can be seen walking on Park Place holding a firearm and a knife and then at 4:13pm, the shooter seen entering the headquarters and began firing gunshots in the front office and the whole building went on lockdown and the shooter first shot a unknown admin in the studios and in total, 9 people was found dead which 7 are admins and 2 moderators and 13 others was injured, 3 are seriously injured and we haven’t got updates on this shooting yet, San Mateo police are investigating this case. They issued the suspect as 17 year-old girl by the name of Amanda Monroe of Findlay, Ohio. She was last seen riding a 2017 Toyota Highlander at downtown San Mateo about 5pm local time. She was wearing a Nike hoodle, had black ripped shorts with fishnets, and black Dolls Kill boots, had dark blonde hair and dark green eyes. The police are still investigating this case and we will update you on Channel 46 News. The shooter has not been arrested yet was told that she’s currently in Findlay.