TikTok Star Charli D’amelio Accused Of Robbery

A globally famous TikTok star named Charli D’amelio was accused of robbery last night on 27th of April 2022. A Walmart employee, Amy Mae Paul accused Charli of stealing from one of the isles, and stuffing shop items up her over sized jumper. Amy claimed witnessing it and vividly recalled herself lecturing Charli and bellowing at her to put the items she had taken back on the shelves. Charli was scared and ran back, making her exit out of Walmart. That was when witnesses Laurean McDonald and Verd Singh watched her make her exit, recognising her face instantly as a TikTok Star. Amy and Walmart’s ( Mail Oak St ) manager Penesualia Rykusak ran out of the store chasing Charli, until she had been caught and Police were called. Charli is currently in court and has said her words on stand already. “ I swear to you, all of you, I was not stealing! She started to shout out me and I was scared, so I ran out! I swear, I swear,” Charli had said crying breathlessly in court. Although, her words were seen as dishonesty, and evidence was gathered to prove that the famous TikTok Star had attempted to rob a store. Jury has claimed that her sentence will be around 1 year for any damages, but before she faces her consequences there will be 5 more court meetings to make sure the reasons are valid, due to Charli still denying. – News Article by Sunshine, Los Angeles 28th April 2022