Steve Cash found alive in Nampa ID

Steve Cash was found buried alive after the Nampa police department said he was dead. Sylvester was very angry that Steve was not dead. Steve said “i don’t know why i wanted to kill myself. i just wanted to stop my youtube channel for good.” Steve said to his wife “i don’t want to do another video for the rest of my life. I don’t want them to know that i am alive.” But the person that found him told the police department. and it went out on the news. Steve was mad and succeeded in convincing his fans he was dead by posting a video called “steve missing his new pedal he loved it”. but he is not dead but living in a abandon camper with Sylvester, Shelby, Random Kitty, and Gibbyson. and said that Sylvester died of cancer, Shelby died of old age, and the other kitty’s were killed by Sylvester. but that was not true. we know you and all your kitties are alive Steve.