Roxana Emert

A girl called Roxana Emert has played too much roblox and she spent too much money on robux. It started like that….
Roxana was playing roblox once with her friend Lucy Willson . Lucy willson joined a game welcome to bloxburg and it cost but Roxana didn’t have robux but Lucy had. The game cost 25 robux. Rox (aka Roxana) asked her mum could she have 800robux for Β£10 and her mum said no. N O spells no. So she asked her dad and he said noooo! That much?! So she looked on her savings and she had Β£3& 85p so that wasn’t enough. It was 9pm. Night. Roxana went to her bed with her tablet and played roblox secretly and she gone downstairs… Quietly bc everyone was sleeping 😴 rox looked for her mom’s credit card and she founded it yess she said. And she bought 10000robux for her mom’s Β£92.99p!
End of story!
Guys….dunnn(sad piano music) I hoped that you enjoyed this story but sadly it’s the end of the story but the story is fake not real so don’t worry about anything and I guys are beautiful and I hope you day is perfect and not tireing. Actually I have a bestie called Roxana and her friend is called Lucy wilson. I love u guys so so so much and bye πŸ‘‹