Pickle Ricking To Be Added To 2024 Summer Olympics

The sport of Pickle Ricking has become a nation-wide phenomenon, where participants try to “pickle rick” their opponents as many times as possible in a day. This act may be done by presenting them a picture of Pickle Rick, playing the Pickle Rick origin story on their device, or throwing a pickle at them. A variation of this includes “Amongus Pickling” where an among us pickle is presented in the same manner. The sport is being introduced to the 2024 Summer Olympics by popular demand from Pickle Rickers across the globe. Contestants will get 24 hours to Pickle Rick their opponents. This event will take place two different ways: individually and in teams. Team members each account for Pickle Ricking the members of the other team, as each person is assigned to one other. An image of Pickle Rick counts as one point, a video counts as two, and throwing a Pickalicious Rickle will grant you three. Pickalicious Rickles will be provided to participants of this challenge, so there is no need to bring your own. Hope to see some friendly faces there!