NYC Mayor Eric Adams Passes High School Extension Bill

NEW YORK- On Tuesday Mayor Eric Adams approved the new “High School Extension Bill”. The bill will extend the New York City public high school year to five years, effective 2023. The decision faced backlash l, primarily from students and educators. Joshua Miles, an eleventh grader at Brooklyn Technical High School said, “School is already so stressful. I was on track to start college in 2023. Now this, what are we to do?” However the bill also brought hope to some with Beacon High School principal, Brady Smith saying, “I think this will be great for the students. High school is such an important time in their lives. An extra year will be beneficial for all students, especially the ones who might not even go to college.”

On Tuesday, Adams gave a speech in which he discussed the bill. In the speech, the mayor reviewed key achievements of the Adams administration from his first 100 days in office and previewed a range of his ambitious plans to promote an equitable recovery, lift up our youth, invest in 21st-century infrastructure, and create a safer and more just city. He also unveiled a balanced, $99.7 billion fiscal year 2023 (FY23) executive budget, which combines upstream investments with fiscally responsible measures, including budget reserves at $6.3 billion — the highest level in city history. He said that the bill will aid in “lifting our youth” and promote a brighter future for many.