Girl killed herself after being told to do P.E

Whitchurch school in Cardiff, Wales suffered a great loss today as Maddison Evans aged 15 was found dead in her bedroom as her mother discovered her corpse early hours (6:24am)
of the morning, Maddison’s classmates joked about and called her the real ‘Eva Smith’ from the script an inspector calls written by J.B Priestly. Maddison’s friend Emelia McCann spoke up about how Maddison always felt depressed when P.E lessons were happening in school. Emelia claims that Maddison was dearly beloved in school but according to classmate and a bully Susan Dickerson allegedly spoke up “we did like Maddie but she was always so quite and weird and not to be mean quite strange” this school was supposed to hold an assembly showing what suicide does to somebody, the school denies the tweet they out up on twitter, and during the school day we were there they just acted unhinged at first this article was about a girls suicide and now it’s about how messed up Whitchurch school is.