Zureidy got into a car crash!

Zureidy crashed her 1998 toyota corolla car into a tree.Zureidy is very disheartened.”i was just driving,(sniffles)and and and and my car just did a 360 and it dropkicked me into another universe(sniffles)(whipes snot with dried up baby powder)”.”I want justice,I know someone must have sabataged something”.she is very sad as her very old car has been burned to ashes.

She has recently bought a new car.” love my used 1987 toyota cressida luxury car”

she has cheered up from her terrible trauma but is still crying because she had her popeyes in her car.”I left my biscuits there”

No words can express how much that car meant to her.she is devestated because no clues have been found as to who could have done such thing.