Truth That Roblox Is hacked.. (OLD)

It was October 19, 2008, and it was 2 in the morning. About an estimated 500 people saw the hacking, but, most of everyone’s experience was different from another. The website was hacked at that time, but was soon resolved in 5:00 AM. Every single hack was very demented and creepy. It is unknown if it was one hacker or a bunch of hackers, but the website was heavily tampered with. 3 people told me about the incident and told me about their experience with the incident. For privacy reasons, I’ve decided to not show their names or usernames.
I was on my profile for a bit in 2 am, and there was a lot of things that were off. For example the top banner did not have the slogan for Roblox at the time, “Think, Create”. and when I was changing my avatar, There was no avatar or wardrobe. When I went to the games section, the only games that were on was “Your Getting Hacked” and “God has Forbidden this website”. So, I decided to log off for the day since it was getting pretty late at night. When I went to sleep, I had strange nightmares about if I went in those two games. I DO NOT want to tell you guys what happened. I DO NOT want to have the nightmares again.
I was logging on to Roblox at 2 am on a day in October, 2008, and things were weird. Almost all the text was missing, except for the Toolbar. The only words anywhere else was “Play Now” and “Roblox”, and the Kid Safe Coppa Compliant. When I did logon, There was just a black screen, with the video named “Watch This”. I saw nothing but distorted images and flashing images. The only audio I heard was binaural frequencies. So, I closed my browser, and did not play Roblox for three days.
I was on Roblox when the hacking incident happened. When I logged on, everything was normal until I went onto the games section. That’s when things started to get weird. First of all, it was only a blank page with the game “We Have Risen”. I played the game and I was confused because this was A Pirate’s Life. Not whatever the hackers called the game. Then, when I went into the “My Roblox” page, My browser crashed, So, I decided not to play the game for the rest of the night.