The extremely contraversal “N-Word” is now ENCOURAGED on Twitter!

A recent interview with the CEO of Twitter. Parag Agrawal has revealed a change in Twitter policies.
“[It’s] ok to say it[n-word]” Agrawal states during the interview. “At Twitter, we are all about controversy. I think that if we can communicate more In raw terms, then we as a species can grow to gain a new understanding of each other and the cyberspace we all inhabit”
When asked what would happen to the banned users of this offense prior to this change in guidelines, Agrawal had one thing to say. “They stay banned, It’s only fair.” We asked here at channel 46 when will this new policy be introduced officially. “Sometime in November of this year[2022]. That’s where things really kick in for us[Twitter]”
That being said, we don’t have many details yet about the situation, but we will keep you posted.

-Theo Culdee, Editor-In-Chief of Channel 46 News