Pilot error causes plane with 106 people to crash over isle of white UK

Bee-tal-juss airlines flight 641 flying from New York to Brussels crashed over onion island UK after pilot, Hugh jass caused a cabin decompression by taking a huge sloppy wet fart, at 7:58am survivor/flight attendant Susan reported a loud noise sounding like a bang coming from the cockpit, she knocked on the cockpit door to make sure everything was alright but there was no answer so she opened the cockpit door, inside she saw the pilots unconscious from the smell and 5 seconds later she also fainted from the smell. By 7:59 am, the smell spread to the passengers causing the oxygen masks to drop but before they could put them on they all fell unconscious 8:00am with no one flying the plane and everyone unconscious the plane started to nosedive towards the isle of white the people on isle of white were watching as a plane came hurling down towards the island then at the last minute co-pilot melissa tupidson regained consciousness she then steered the plane towards a garlic farm (decreasing the amount of people that were going to die) at 8:02am the plane hit the ground killing 8 people on the aircraft, by 8:05 local garlic farmers came to the rescue of the surviving people.
The 12 casualties will forever be remembered
(There names and ages)
•Hugh Jass 89
•Melissa Tupidson 12
•Kay Wren 49
•Cardalia B 30
•Badea grisha 54
•Nick Key Spinaj 28
•Betalia jus 34
•jim 64
•Dona Tellia🐎 58
• Bianca Broscuța 14
•Felisha 4
•timmy timmyson 109

They will forever be remembered
(rest in pieces)

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