Oliver and his team preparing for the first match of the Quidditch season

Captaining the side against their nemesis, Slytherin, in the first game of the season, Oliver was delighted when Harry captured the Golden Snitch in his first match, winning the game for Gryffindor. However, the second game of the season, against Hufflepuff, gave Oliver cause for concern, when he found out that Professor Snape would be refereeing the match in place of Madam Hooch. Fearing that Snape would not be fair to Gryffindor following their defeat of Slytherin, he urged Harry to catch the Snitch as soon as possible. When he caught it within five minutes, Oliver was overjoyed. If Gryffindor could beat Ravenclaw in the final match of the season, then they would surely capture the Quidditch Cup.

Shortly after, he lost one hundred and fifty house points due to the actions of three first year students, including oz offered his resignation to his friends, who declined it, his reasoning being that if they didn’t win at Quidditch, they had no chance to recoup the lost points. Despite this,he likely felt somewhat irked towards jess as, during team practice sessions, his angry teammates simply referred to her as “the brother. talking to Jessica was too young to play with his friends there house was so big that Jessica had a playroom at the seaside which is where they lived ………….