K-Pop Boy band “Enhypen” plans to travel to Oceania

One of South Korea’s famous boy bands “Enhypen” plans a Pacific tour across Oceania. Starting off at their first destination, Hawai’i moving on to the Mariannas, Palau and so on.
Band member, Heeseung (희승) said, ” With the Pacific Ocean Conference coming up in April we wanted to contribute and help the cause. Our oceans are a beautiful thing and it needs all the help it can get.”
In a interview last month Enhypen mentioned attending the 2022 Ocean Conference going to be held in Palau, a small Pacific island in Micronesia. “It’s going to be great!” said member Sunoo (선우), ” And a great opportunity to see the Pacific. ”
Band Leader and main singer Jungwon (정원) stated That the band is doing this tour for charity and half of its profit with go to Environmental ocean groups working for the Pacific.