Gruesome murder: young boy age 13 found dead at a friends house. What friend said surprised police. See picture of Lucas below

The parents reported this brown haired blue eyed boy Lucas Yohsnami was found dead at a friends house. The friends parents, James and Jamie Lisemskialsnlmalm are in jail now, their child John scared for life. Lisemskialsnlmalm parents of Lucas are grieving so bad right now they always knew something bad would happen to their son because of his really gorgeous looks. This young boy had millions of social media platforms including only fans, twitter, Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, etc. with 172948272.90 million fans on each platform, Lucas’s parents, Anne-Marie and Jacob Yohsnami reported the boy missing on the 13 of april at 3:00 am after not coming home for three days. The Parents told the police that Lucas told then he was going to John’s house so the Lisemskialsnlmalm’s were the polices first suspect. As soon as they got to the house the police heard yelling and broke the door down and handcuffed James and Jamie. The police searched the house and found John Crying near Lucas’s dead body with a black eye Lucas had a purple ring around his neck and the police questioned John. Autopsy results revealed that Lucas was strangled. John told police that his parents strangled Lucas because he asked to make a youtube video with them in it then john.