Grant Gustin arrested for illegal drugs.

Grant Gustin, the actor was charged almost $6,000 dollars due to hiding hardcore drugs in his basement. Authorities and police say that this was found March 13th and now locks up Grant for up to 5 years in jail. Grant was accused when a lady, Amanda Ried saw a few suspicious men talking to Grant and his guards just outside his home. Later on that day, The FBI break in and search the home. Grant Gustins Employers have said “Grants career is going over board and Grant may not be able to act in another show or film” a lot of fans are really disappointed in Grants choices, and some say that he should be free. March 19th, Grant went to court and many people agreed with Amanda and most say “I have seen strange men before outside of that building. Never knew it was Grants.”. After that, Grant was proved guilty.

The drugs that were found in Grants basement were Cocaine, Meth, Acid, Coke, Steroids, And Heroin. They were found in 7 different metal crates. Grant has also been evicted from his home on March 20th.

Grant says “I have the drugs, but i sell them and i do not do them. I can’t believe anyone would thing that of me.” But the Police and a few Scientists did a drug test and sadly he has been doing Cocaine, Steroids, and Meth recently.