Friends of 13-Year Old Girl, Camila Soto, Reveals Her TOXIC Behavior

Camila Soto, a thirteen-year-old girl, has been exposed. Soto goes to Britton Middle School, where her friends reported strange behavior coming from her.
“I was so scared, how could a Mexican like her not like burritos!?” One student claimed.
Another said, “Honestly, how is she like, even Mexican, like I’ve never seen her wear a sombrero or whatever… She doesn’t have ‘siestas’ or something and she didn’t eat the burrito, taco, or nachos I gave her!!”
Soto may be trying to transition into being white, clearly by not fitting into Mexican stereotypes. This is unacceptable.
“I think she’s an illegal…”
“Honestly, where even is her accent?!?!”
“I thought she would take my drugs but she reported me instead!”