criminal shopping turns into death

Spencer Bodell was shopping at his local ross for clothes that aren’t gonna look good on march 20th. He was at the checkout and the suspect holland marie peterson charged at him and started to furry jump toward him. he was in shock. she jumped onto the checkout counter and lept onto the clothes he was gonna buy and ripped them to shreds with her teath. she proceeded to growl at him then moments later he was killed. holland bit his ankles causing him to bleed out everywhere. the police were called and Spencer Bodell was rushed to the hospital. A couple hours later he was dead. doctor abdual mahhamed said “we did everything we could but the bite was too deep”. holland marie peterson is now facing 3 charges on aggravated assault, destruction of property, and 3rd degree murder. holland has made a comment on this situation she said “i wanted him dead because he shops at ross and I couldn’t stand to see him in those outfits. I had to take action”. his family had mixed emotions about his death but they are greeving now.