Arrest Warrant for 24 Year Old Scot in Shanghai

An arrest warrant has been issued by Shanghai authorities for a 24 year old Scots man, Cian Fraser, in connection with an ongoing investigation into recent identity fraud. Fraser, originally from Strathmiglo, Fife, has been residing in China since 2019 on a teacher’s visa but is thought to have overstayed his welcome, utilising fake passports and Young Scots cards in order to uphold his citizenship.

Friends back in Scotland aren’t said to be overly surprised at the accusations. Bryce Methven, a 24 year old aspiring professional skater, was quoted as saying ‘See Cian, doesny surprise me to be honest ae, sound cunt like but canny take Strathmiglo out the boy ken’.

A reward of 2000 Fifa Points and a bottle of poppers has been laid on the table for any information leading to the successful arrest of the curly headed crime lord.