4 individuals fatally shot at a party in los santos.

(LS WWN CH 14) Police and investigators are trying to find suspects who were responsible for the death of 4 teenagers who were fatally shot at a party.

Multiple officers responded to several calls of shots being fired at the residential Jamestown apartments, Officers arrived immediately to spot multiple people fatally shot, these individuals are unidentified at this time.

According to witnesses statements, there was a welcome home party for a individual whose identified as DeAngelo Wick, DeAngelo ended up going on instagram live where apparently multiple rival gang members ended up joining the live. This resulted in DeAngelo ending the live moments later before being shot and killed by the rival individuals who were in DeAngelo’s live.

one of the males who were fatally shot, ended up opening fire on the rival individuals. Which ensured in the male who was shot being killed by one of the suspects.

Investigators are saying this was a retaliation for the rapper “Lil EBK” who was killed moments before DeAngelo was released from Los Santos County Jail.