Travis Scott died today!

This Friday 1/7/22 Travis Scott died. Police found fingerprints of about 30 black men. They found 15 ak47s and 5 Glock 17s found. There was also Freddy Fazbear from five nights at Freddy’s. Police also found the among us imposter along with Lizzo and youtuber faze Rug. One of the suspects is Youtuber Demarcus cousin the 3rd/JiDion. JiDion stated “I was just faze Ruging it”. Most escaped in time but are getting tracked down this very second for a life sentence in gay jail. From video footage we saw men with youtuber Dream merch breaking through the front door. From the video footage police also found Ryan Reynolds with Kanye West “pranking” Travis Scott. In conclusion today 1/7/22 is a very sad day and RIP Travis Scott.
This is proof of the event today on 1/7/22
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