Ciara has died at 33 years old

On September 11, 2019, Ciara died. She died tragically in her bathroom unexpectedly from committing suicide. She killed herself from bullying and cyber bullying. A 14 year old bullied Ciara and made her kill herself. She hung herself by a cloth hanger in her bathroom. Her husband saw her hanging before she died and 15-20 minutes later she passed away. Her husband said “This was unexpected for” . Her kids saw it too. They also cried. R.I.P Ciara, 1985-2019. You’ll always be in our hearts, always remembered, always be in hevan, and well see u in heaven someday. R.I.P Ciara, 1985-2019. Yes, we still love you, you’re just dead and in heaven now. R.I.P Ciara! πŸ‘Ό