Ciara dies so soon.

On September 11, 2019, Ciara died at 33 years old. She committed suicide because of bullying, ect. She will be missed by fans. Her husband was in her bathroom,. “I found her dead”. That’s not all to her death. Her husband says he did not expect Ciara to die the day she killed herself. Her children saw it too. They also was depressed. She actually killed herself by hanging by a cloth hanger in her bathroom. Before she died her husband saw her hanging. ” She hung herself in the head. I saw her”. Who bullied Ciara? Well, others think its a Fourteen year old boy it really is. He is Seventeen now and is name is Jahari Balds. He is the one who made her kill herself. R.I.P Ciara, October 25, 1985-September 11,2019.