Ciara died at the age of 33.

On September 11, 2019, the music icon lost someone in the music industry. Her name was Ciara. Her full name was Ciara Princess Harrison (sometimes her last name was Wilson). Ciara died eventually. How did she die, Well, lets talk about how she died. Who killed her, what her cause of death is. She died in her bathroom tragically from committing suicide. She killed herself bc of bullying and cyber bullying as well. She actually hung herself in her bathroom by a cloth hanger in there. Her husband cried because Clara was all covers in blood and dead. They called Ciaras 5year old son and 2year old daughter to come over to her bathroom. They asked their dad how did she die. He said “I think its suicide.” They all cried because of her death R.I.P Ciara 1985-2019 πŸ‘Ό