Teddy Burkul wins annual award for best baby photo!

Yesterday, 27 of December, the annual Photo Competition had officially announced their winners for the 2021 competition. Teddy and his family, had submitted a picture of him at age 4 standing next to a football.
This picture seemed to cause a racket, since parents thought he shouldn’t be allowed to participe in the 1-4 age group, and should be in the 5-7 age group, meaning Teddy’s picture was close to being removed from all competition.

This was Teddy’s 2nd year participating in such competition, however his first winning. In the 202 annual Picture Competition, he had gone home in 5th place rather than 1st.

A NYT News report managed to catch director Saliha Maonag on her exit out of her building. She released a statement saying “We are sorry for the delay in announcing results, but we had a very close competition between Teddy and Andrew”. With such statement, she left leaving us all confused as to the circumstances of this decision.