Sabrina Carpenter is found dead at the age of Seventeen.

On January 27, 2017, Sabrina Carpenter died when she was performing at her concert. She died from a gun shot wound. She was at the age of just Seventeen. Someone came up and shot her. She was shot 20 times in the heart. It almost been 5 years since she is dead. She did not make it to her 18th birthday. She would be 22 if alive now she is 17 for the rest of her life. She died on 1/27/17, at 11:26pm. Its so sad. She left us 2 soon and almost 5 years ago. She started singing when she was ten so that means she made music for us to hear for seven years. Sabrina, thank you for the music, for.the songs, everything. We loved you, but so sad about you dieing. We still love you, hope you read this on your return someday. R.I.P Sabrina Carpenter, 1999-2017πŸ™