Piper rockelle has sex!

On 15th november piper Rockelle and her boyfriend lev were caught having sex on camera. Her friend, elliana, who recorded the video said ” I was so shocked! I Saw them on the couch so i just got out my phone and pressed record! Shes only 14!” Her mother Tiffany is being interviewed by the police as she was in the house while they were having sex. She says that she doesnt have a problem with it and as long as her daughter is happy. Lev says that he just wants to be closer to piper but others say hes getting a little too close! we are not yet sure what his mother has to say about the situation. apparently lev has sex with other young girls including coco quinn, corrine joy and elliana wamsley. He also Payed pipers cousin to have sex with him aswell. piper says ” im in trouble for letting my boyfriend make me feel good, thats Rediculos!