Parke and Jenna Jenkins are now Billionaries

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Parker and Jenna Jenkins are now a Billionaires. The 1 Billion Zimbabwe Dollar Banknote is now worth 1 Billion dollars.

The Global Currency Reset resulting from the Sting of the Century would be the World’s Largest Ever Transfer of Wealth and was Destined to create Freedom and Peace Across the Globe.

Redemption Center personnel were scheduled to work long hours all this and next week, except for Christmas Day.

A 72 nation GESARA Treaty was completed on Tues. 21 Dec. and implemented on Wed. 22 Dec. with release of green light partial liquidity to Bond Holders of Tier 3 (humanitarian programs).

On Sat. 25 Dec. Christmas Day the Rodriguez Trust was scheduled to be released (bigger than the St. Germaine Trust), plus the USN would come out.

Notification for Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) was expected to come out Sun. 26 Dec. or Mon. 27 Dec.