Katarina M’bappe Orlovschy and Sebastian Stan are rumored to be datin

Multiple oscar winner Katarina M’bappe and actor Sebastian stan, who got under reflectors on behalf of his role ‘Bucky Barnes’ in Marvel, are rumored to be dating. Since their first movie together ‘High school jock’ fans felt their energy. Katarina M’bappe and Sebastian stan are very good friends today. “Everyday. I can’t imagine my day without my conversation with him.” Katarina said on question ‘How often do you talk with sebastian?’. Sebastian Stan also confirmed it durring Comic Con, when one fan asked him ‘How good friends are you with Kate?’ on what he answered “We are best friends, that’s for sure. My talk with her became a daily routine, and I just can’t get through my day without it.” he laughed. Few days ago, the pair was spotted inside caffe in city, chatting and laughing. Later that day, Sebastian and Katarina posted a same picture infront of cinema. *SPOILERS AHEAD( WATERFALLS)*. Other facts lead to their passionate kiss in their new movie “Waterfalls”. The movie is at top charts right now and everyone is talking about that scene. Movie is also nominated for a multiple Oscars.