Girl Missing In Florida: On Family Vacation

Lilah Husser was on a family vacation over her school Christmas break to Orlando, FA when at Universal Studios gone missing. Lilah told her mom (Sarah Husser) that she needed to use the restroom while in line for the “Hagridโ€™s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. In the Summer of 2019, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter leveled up again”, so she went. After about 20 minutes Lilah’s family started worrying so her mom decided to go check on her. She went to the 3 nearby bathrooms without any sight of Lilah. Sarah went back to the group and told them, being so worried they reported it to the nearest security officer. They are still on the lookout for her, and let us know if you have any details at the number 239-4403-6540.