Darren Still At Large (hehe large like my pepee👾🐀🥸🦴) 💪🏿

As of last time⏰, Darren SHitass🐕 has been stillbe en at large in Patrick H High School🏳️‍🌈. We know where he is and he still gose to scol clsass, but dArg had not yet been punished for his crimes. (I no, right??😞😞😭😿).

Just yesterday, D1 ✊🏿fight🤼‍♂️ numerus men in the locker room, many of thos me n consisting of Wyyat Cumak annd Barry Allen (LIKE FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡) Wiytness ELi Retard had no comment to say to the authoraties. He didn’t wanna be assosicted with Darkon like last time when he was suspected to be DArrrein’s pedofil accomplise.😂 Imaginf liking kids, guys! Gros!!!!!!!

Not to mention, Darrgn constantly evades lega; touble when he refuses to wear his Phys Ed clothes to Phys ed! Spies have inersepted Waterboy’s two lockers to reveal many many clotes👒
👚, but none have his own PEs clothes in them!! (And what is the deal with hus janky ass Jordans? It luks lkuke he got rhem frm Dolla Tre!🤣 👌😎)Not to mention his new cut, G. I bet he did all thag himeslf.

If you are looking for Darnp, pls take into accunt that he can sometimes go bhy the name Collin Carr. He was seen disguising as that man recntly. (Collin if your listening, Dafng has tojr clothes!😏)

This is all news about Da ren now. Check back when we have more inot mation.

Courtecy of the PHHS ASB