11 Year Old From Visalia Found Dead, Expected Suicide

When 11 year old, Amaya, was in her 6th grade class multiple students told her to kill herself. They didn’t think she would take it seriously. Her friend, Camila states, “Amaya always said that she was going to kill herself all of us thought she was joking.” By all of us she means Amayas friend group, consisting of around 7 other 11-12 year olds from her school. A few of them speaking out today. How did she do it? What did she do to kill herself? She stabbed herself in the wrist with a led pencil. She was found in her bathroom around 3:30, she was released from school at 2:50 so her assumed death time is 3:10-3:20 pm, 12/13/21. Now we shall hear from her friends. First, her closest friend, David Cervantes. “I don’t know what (to) say. She was my best friend. I loved her a lot. Not many people know that but I hope she (Amaya) did.” He then cry’s into his friend and Amaya’s friend, Daniels arms. Amaya wanted it to be stated her love or Kpop, South Korean Groups. Her favorites according to her Kpop fan sister, were , BTS, Stray kids, Tomorrow X Together, EXO, Enhypen, NCT, Day6, monsta X, P1Harmony, ateez, and shinee. Here is her ultimate bias (favorite member) from Stray kids